Introducing ASPENX Prada, a limited-edition collection of elevated ski performance wear inspired by the vibrant energy and atmosphere of Aspen. Designed by Prada with Aspen’s ski professionals and artist Paula Crown, the ASPENX Prada collection is comprised of a thoughtfully curated selection of womenswear and menswear intended to optimize performance, comfort, and style in the snow.

Crown’s work begins with a mark. A mark that is informed by where we are, and how we exist in the world. Mark making creates an index of experience, where sensory input is translated through the hand and art becomes thought manifested. A powerful expression that has no true end. Instead, the potential to continue to evolve and inform the next gesture, iteration, and interpretation. Crown’s practice is an ongoing investigation of how ideas can exist in many forms, materials, and dimensions. The marks left by our gestures across landscapes, the trails that inform our pathway over the terrain, and the swift slashes of movement expressed and left by our skis. Indented into the snow and ice, the patterns are evidence of our existence and what we leave in our wake. Crown’s design for ASPENX Prada – a visual of red, white, and black slashes – encapsulates this methodology.

Catered to a community of creatives, athletes, and fashion connoisseurs alike, the high-performance line harmoniously blends the technical excellence of Aspen with Prada’s inherent sleekness and world-class craftsmanship to create a statement-making ensemble built for ultimate movement and mobility.

The ASPENX Prada collection is a premium extension of Prada Linea Rossa marked with the distinctive red stripe logo that first made its appearance in 1997. The eco-sustainable capsule exhibits both physical durability and visual design that embodies Aspen’s invigorated modern era. Each item is composed of sustainable textile technologies engineered to support active and adventurous living.

Shop this limited edition wearable art today here.

Together, a short film (2021)


Together, a short film

“Together, a short film”, commissioned by The National YoungArts Foundation, is an enchanting animated short film that underscores messages of solidarity and interdependence. Uniting the work of 18 YoungArts award winners and notable guest artists, each unique frame of the film is available for purchase to support YoungArts and the next generation of artists.

To purchase a frame from this animation, head over to www.youngartstogether.org

Wide Awakes 2020


Wide Awakes 2020

Paula Crown Atelier has been a collaborator with For Freedoms from the onset with their inaugural group show at Jack Shainman’s Gallery in 2016. As an artist and activist, joining this non-partisan group of generous, intellectual, and innovative thinkers was imperative. Artist’s are by nature sensorially attuned and imaginative. This is a time for expansive global thinking and problem-solving. Artists can set the tone, promulgate the values, and work to build a more responsible and reinforcing relationship with the world.

In 2020, For Freedoms launched a new initiative called, The Wide Awakes. This group, based on the 1860 Wide Awake movement that mobilized against slavery and helped elect Lincoln, is a large network of artists, cultural workers, and activists in hopes of fighting injustice and getting out the vote in the lead up to the 2020 presidential election. Inspired to think broadly about what creatives today could accomplish when we band together, Paula Crown and long time collaborator, friend, and designer Christy Rilling began working together on a couture artist-designed cape. The original Wide Awakes protested in oilcloth capes and the uniform became an icon of the movement.

Paula Crown x Christy Rilling capes embody The Wide Awakes idea of the power in creative collaboration. It combines the handmade tradition of couture with Crown’s original artwork by using high-resolution scans of her paintings.  The imagery is directly taken from Crown’s Kinematic and Aspen Map series and printed on a woven iridescent silk faille and double silk charmeuse. Interwoven into the fabric is Lurex, which has a watery and metallic appearance.

These pieces of wearable art are representations of how creative expression and innovative thinking can amplify ideas and prompt conversation between artists and between the person who wears the cape and carries its message out into the world. That is the superpower of art. Our future will be shaped by the generous innovators and courageous creatives who synthesize ideas, adapt, and collaborate towards a better future.

Photography by Andrew Walker. Photos courtesy of Christy Rilling

Sam’s Restaurant (2019), The Limelight Hotel, Snowmass, CO


Sam’s Restaurant (2019)

The Limelight Hotel, Snowmass, CO

Aspen Skiing Company Lift Tickets (2017), Aspen, CO


Aspen Skiing Company Lift Tickets (2017) 

As part of its ongoing Art in Unexpected Places program,  Aspen Skiing Company (ASC)  will feature the work of  Chicago and  Aspen-based multi-media artist Paula Crown. “Our history in supporting and partnering with the arts community ties in perfectly with our core principals and our company’s business philosophy,”  says  Mike  Kaplan,  president and CEO, Aspen Skiing Company. “Art, like skiing is just another way to live passionately and honor the things that make this community shine.”

The five lift-ticket designs give a curated view into Crown’s sprawling sculptural installation, SOLO TOGETHER. Using the form of the crushed red Solo cup as 150 unique hand-painted plaster sculptures,  the work unpacks the symbol of all-American fun.  The ubiquitous, single-use plastic cup offers an opportunity to contemplate a number of complex ideas including environmental awareness,  the singular experience of togetherness,  FOMO,  and a  consumer culture defined by abundance and optimism.

In their full form, SOLO TOGETHER’s cups stand in the absence of a party, each sculpture titled with the personality that may have created it. With titles like “Failing Out” and “Keeping Up Appearances,” a taxonomy of characters is assigned to the sculptures. The imagined internal and social energy is stored in the facsimile of crushed plastic.  Crown points to the transference of energy that takes place as we record our presence in everything we touch. Looking toward a new generation defined by climate change, SOLO  TOGETHER takes the leftover traces we make in plastic and makes them uncannily heavy underneath the bright and cheerful red coating. “Art provides space for important conversation,” says Paula Crown. “Though provocative,  the cups remind us to take note of each individual imprint in the world. Each cup was made to reflect a soft organic interior. We exist in dual modes…solo and together in larger social spheres.”

The red color sends two messages: one of joy and the other of alarm. Who will clean up after the party? How will we all manage the oppressive quantity of single-use plastic products? This is a challenge we need to address together.  For the ski passes,  abstracted photographs of the cups provided curious and new ways of viewing a common element. 

The Art in Unexpected Places program (ArtUP) continues to develop as a significant expression of the belief  in the importance of bridging the relationship between commerce  and culture. The program was recently expanded to the new Limelight hotel in Ketchum, Idaho, and will continue to explore relationships with institutions, artists, and curators across the globe. In  the  past,  Aspen  Skiing  Company  has  partnered  with  institutions  such  as  the  Aspen  Art Museum featuring commissioned works by internationally notable artists including Yutaka Sone, Peter Doig, Karen Kilimnik, Jim Hodges, Carla Klein, Mamma Andersson, Mark Grotjahn, David Shrigley, Mark Bradford, Anne Collier, Takashi Murakami, and, last year, Laura Owens.

Holly Hunt x Paula Crown Atelier


Holly Hunt x Paula Crown Atelier 

Fabric Drape Design 

Long time collaborators, Paula Crown and Holly Hunt are pleased to have designed these beautiful fabric drapes for the Holly Hunt website. Holly Hunt is an interior design pioneer who defined what was next, refined the voice of modern luxury, and transformed the entire industry. Paula and Holly’s fruitful coupling began in Chicago – the city where both creative minds come from.  ‘Paula’s graphic sensibility is exceptional,’ explains Hunt, ’and the depth of her fractal drawings made for an interesting application.’ For information on how to purchase these drapes, please visit: www.hollyhunt.com 

The Limelight Hotel Collection, Snowmass, CO


The Limelight Hotel Collection

Snowmass, CO

The Limelight Hotel Collection, Ketchum, ID


The Limelight Hotel Collection

Ketchum, ID

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