Project Description


"The air was darkened by the heavy rain whose oblique descent, driven by the rush of the winds, flew in drifts through the air... But it was tinged with the colour of the fire kindled by the thunderbolts by which the clouds were rent and shattered, and whose flashes revealed the broad waters of the inundated valleys..." - Leonardo Da Vinci 

Derived from the Latin root meaning breath, animus, and the Sanskrit Anilas, Paula Crown’s project, ANEMOS, takes its name from the Greek word for wind, exploring invisible forces and moments in time. Crown pushes her ongoing exploration of the limit of human mark and gesture by undertaking the impossible challenge of capturing the wind.

In the first stages of material exploration, the challenge was to freeze the heavy mesh and then create volume. Made of stainless steel chain mesh, Crown used the chain mesh as a drawing tool. Similar to a pencil or marker, she manipulated the mesh on a flat surface to create a 2D image. The pliability of the material was perfect for capturing the connection between thought and gesture. It allowed for spontaneous changes in composition while keeping its shape. Working with Prototype New York, the resin was then applied to the final object to set and hold the drawing in place.

Tina Kukielski, Executive Director of Art 21, wrote of the finished works, “These moments of capture suggest that time is a dictator of human experience. Yet in their seriality, repetition, and difference Crown reveals that this logic is not the only answer. (…) these drawings in space remind us that the moment that something translates from mirage to manifestation, from concept to form, from chance to purpose, that is only the beginning of real knowing.”

ANEMOS has been realized through Crown’s solo exhibition at Marlborough Gallery in New York in 2015, and more recently at the Limelight Hotel in Ketchum, Idaho.

ANEMOS 4 (+), 2016, stainless steel chain mesh and resin

ANEMOS 2 (+), 2016, stainless steel chain mesh and resin