Project Description

Aspen Maps

As we orient ourselves to space, our perceptions are easily distorted by point of view, time, and memory. The Aspen Map series is based on trail maps in Aspen that are abstracted, layered, and rotated to reveal new forms and patterns. Digital and analog drawing and painting techniques reveal what is present in a novel way. Maps often have their own viewpoint and biases, Crown’s reconfiguration is a reminder that we must always question the information presented to us and ask what has been left out of the story.

Derived from an angled overhead perspective of the trail map of ski runs at Aspen Snowmass, Crown uses a blend of digital and analog drawing techniques to overlay viewpoints while flattening perspective. The most elaborate sketches become paintings, which start as printed color forms on glassy smooth gesso-primed linen, each with a distinct and nuanced color palette.

Over a period of weeks and months, the surfaces accrue layer after layer of delicately calibrated brushwork. Her painting process emulates the numinous surface of fresh snow. Sinuous marks evoke an imagined journey down the mountain and explore how our senses can orient us in space.

The Aspen Map works are puzzle-like compositions that are both adamantly flat and invitingly deep.