Project Description


Introducing ASPENX Prada, a limited-edition collection of elevated ski performance wear inspired by the vibrant energy and atmosphere of Aspen. Designed by Prada with Aspen’s ski professionals and artist Paula Crown, the ASPENX Prada collection is comprised of a thoughtfully curated selection of womenswear and menswear intended to optimize performance, comfort, and style in the snow.

Crown’s work begins with a mark. A mark that is informed by where we are, and how we exist in the world. Mark making creates an index of experience, where sensory input is translated through the hand and art becomes thought manifested. A powerful expression that has no true end. Instead, the potential to continue to evolve and inform the next gesture, iteration, and interpretation. Crown’s practice is an ongoing investigation of how ideas can exist in many forms, materials, and dimensions. The marks left by our gestures across landscapes, the trails that inform our pathway over the terrain, and the swift slashes of movement expressed and left by our skis. Indented into the snow and ice, the patterns are evidence of our existence and what we leave in our wake. Crown’s design for ASPENX Prada – a visual of red, white, and black slashes – encapsulates this methodology.

Catered to a community of creatives, athletes, and fashion connoisseurs alike, the high-performance line harmoniously blends the technical excellence of Aspen with Prada’s inherent sleekness and world-class craftsmanship to create a statement-making ensemble built for ultimate movement and mobility.

The ASPENX Prada collection is a premium extension of Prada Linea Rossa marked with the distinctive red stripe logo that first made its appearance in 1997. The eco-sustainable capsule exhibits both physical durability and visual design that embodies Aspen’s invigorated modern era. Each item is composed of sustainable textile technologies engineered to support active and adventurous living.

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