Project Description


Exploring time, space and geometries, Crown’s practice investigates how landscape can exist in many forms and dimensions. Identifying elements of landscape in the smallest details of her work, CLOUDY reflects this ongoing exploration.

In one of Crown’s original mark-making exercises, Helicopter Drawings (2010), the artist visually captures the visceral feeling of flying in a helicopter. While in the air over the mountains in South Africa, Crown sketched moving through time and space. The marks created an index of her experience and interaction with the patterns of the world in a tangible way. Further investigation of these marks continues to be a generative source for the artist, evolving into vast explorations of scale, dimension, and perspective through several mediums.

CLOUDY represents a portion of these original drawings that have been transformed into 3D-depth studies. Drawings are rotated, dimensionalized, and rescaled addressing the viewer’s relationship to them. From there, Crown extrapolated and transformed these marks into immersive and reflective sculptures. The materiality reflects the surrounding space while retaining the organic forms and shapes from Crown’s original mark-making exercise. The direct marks connect the intimacy of that original experience to the sublime expanse of the horizon.