Project Description

What positive message do you want to emanate to the world today?

Paula Crown
Multimedia Installation
Dimensions Variable
Physical Installation: Miami, FL

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

Miami, FL, 2021––During Miami Art Week, the New World Symphony will present EMANARE, an interactive installation by Chicago-based artist Paula Crown. Known for her multimedia practice incorporating cutting-edge technologies and social activism, this presentation, traveling from New York’s Rockefeller Center, will be EMANARE’s largest iteration yet. On view over two evenings, November 30 and December 1, 2021 from 7-11pm This participant-generated artwork will be projected onto the building’s famed WALLCAST®, and invites an audience from across the globe to activate the work by entering messages of positive intention and affirmation via QR-code, or through the artist’s website by answering the question, “What positive message do you want to emanate into the world today?”

Inspired by Buddhist prayer wheels, EMANARE, Latin for emanate, scrolls these positive messages in a ruminative, meditative fashion across WALLCAST®, pulsating with calming colors, and a soundscape developed for the artwork in collaboration with New World Symphony Fellows: Douglas Aliano, Amelia del Cano, Ben Fryxell, Zoë Merrill, Zachary Ragent, and Marcelina Suchocka. These messages layer, conjoin and merge into one another, transforming the work into a collection of each participant’s unique contribution, inspiring us to be present, consider others, and continue to spread positivity. More about NWS here.

“EMANARE, which invites anyone to become a co-author as well as an observer of art, is predicated on public participation, and how art, in dialog with audiences, can transform reality.  The desire to explore, display, and analyze the ways in which people interact with, but also build community, is in complete harmony with New World Symphony, whose rich and dedicated platform is a beacon.  Needless to say, I’m excited and honored to be working with NWS and their fellows to discover how to layer another art form, sound, into the synergetic sensorium that is EMANARE.”
–Paula Crown, Artist