Project Description

What positive message do you want to emanate to the world today?

Paula Crown
Multimedia Installation
Dimensions Variable
Physical Installation: Rockefeller Plaza at 48th St., New York, NY, September 1 – October 18, 2021

Passions and sentiments not only stir the emotions, they charge the globe. Electrify the world by transmitting a positive note that, like a great novelist, thrills the spirit through the word.

Please use the QR code to add your missive to this prompt; it will later be displayed on the adjoining LED screens to form a collection of electronic message bottles. Over time, new lines will be added so that each participant’s unique mark not only conjures, but conjoins with one another’s.


As a project formed by contributions from various publics, EMANARE naturally invites collaboration. While installed at Rockefeller Center in New York City in Fall 2021, several groups participated in the project, providing focused messages that alternatively created platforms for art, health, humor, and exchange. 


Sometimes we all just need to laugh. Comedy, like art, can instantaneously change our perspective for the better. Plus laughter’s release of endorphins and dopamine, nature’s feel-good chemicals, helps us to cope with stress, find hope, and see problems in new ways. A talented group of NYC comedians, curated by Michael Cruz Kayne, contributed laughter-inducing messages to EMANARE, proving that laughter-inducing messages are pretty good medicine after all.  


Paula Crown Atelier collaborated with Urban World NYC, the premier youth literary arts organization and official director of the US National Youth Poet Laureate Program. For EMANARE, celebrated 2021 NYC Youth Poet Laureate Serena Yang and youth poets from the Urban Word NY Slam Team (tag on image) contributed poems to EMANARE adding their unique words to this artwork and sharing their voices with the world.  


Mental Health is Wealth. An accomplished group of doctors who refer to themselves as “psychiatrists who have your back” contributed messages to EMANARE. Their inspiring prompts remind us that small changes in perspective can leave us standing in the same place, but totally transformed. In support of mental health initiatives embodied by these doctors, Paula Crown Atelier made a donation to the Boris L. Henson Foundation, an organization that fights for mental health support in urban schools, reducing prison recidivism rates and increasing the number of African-American therapists.


“What happens to the ocean happens to us.” 

— Cristina Mittermeier, Co-Founder of Sea Legacy & Only One

Art uniquely transcends language, politics and culture and has the ability to bring us together to solve the climate crisis. As part of 2021’s New York Climate Week, Paula Crown Atelier collaborated with Sea Legacy and Only One through EMANARE. For each positive message submitted to EMANARE, Paula Crown Atelier made a donation to Sea Legacy, a movement that brings together the world’s top photographers, conservationists, scientists, storytellers and strategists to lead a bold new movement to engage one billion people in ocean conservation.


For the last day of the project at Rockefeller Center, Paula Crown partnered with the movement-based practitioners of MOtiVE Brooklyn to explore EMANARE as a platform for physical expression. Five incredible dancers connected their positive messages about dance and movement with an improvised dance session in front of the installation. In the words of Jennifer Nugent, one of the dancers participating in this collaboration, “Movement is a source of joy and truth.”