Project Description

Freezing Rain

FREEZING RAIN captures a moment in time Continuing her artistic practice of embracing the use of photography and technology while honoring the core human instinct to make marks, FREEZING RAIN was conceived from photographs Crown took of rainstorms. From the printed digital images she made freehand drawings of individual raindrops. The artist then employed high-resolution scanners and software to read, enlarge, and map her drawings from which she created hundreds of elements crafted in Super Mirror stainless steel designed to mimic a sheet of rain. Crown suspends these elements at irregular intervals along 200 individual lengths of invisible monofilament. The artist completes her glistening impression of a stormy moment by fastening the lines tautly at precise angles from ceiling to floor. This series was first presented by Crown in New York as part of a solo exhibition by the same name at Marlborough Gallery.

FREEZING RAIN (dichroic), 2018, reimagined the first iteration with hand-drawn, dichroic Plexiglas raindrops. Dichroic’s rainbow-colored iridescent finish changes color depending on the light in the room and the angle of the viewer. The cascades of raindrops are suspended in time and space begging the viewer to contemplate their vantage point and their surroundings more slowly, more closely.