Project Description


Aurora Biennale, Dallas, TX

Co-curators Justine Ludwig and Danielle Avram will present a new public art installation by multimedia artist Paula Crown under the curatorial theme of future Worlds’ at the AURORA biennial on Saturday, November 3, 2018. The curators aim to explore the intersection of naturally occurring phenomena, and the constructions of human imagination and industry as part of the open-air, new media, public art event which has transformed downtown Dallas every two years since 2010.

Ludwig, who is the newly appointed executive director of  Creative  Time and former curator of Dallas Contemporary, and Avram, a Dallas-based independent curator, and writer, selected FREEZING RAIN, a body of work first presented by  Crown in  New  York as part of a solo exhibition by the same name at Marlborough Gallery. The original work, created in  2016, is a  site-specific sculpture developed from hand-drawn individual rain droplets that were processed through digital mapping software and fully realized as a 3D installation. The ‘droplets’  from the original piece were made of paper-thin stainless-steel,  super mirror,  and monofilament. FREEZING RAIN (dichroic), 2018, a new work created for AURORA, has been reimagined with hand-drawn, dichroic Plexiglas raindrops representing a moment frozen in motion. The cascades of raindrops are suspended in time and space begging the viewer to contemplate their vantage point and their surroundings more slowly, more closely. For Crown, the dualities and relationships between nature and technology represent the conceptual underpinnings of her work.

AURORA marks the second presentation of  Crown’s work in  Dallas. In April  2016, The  Goss-Michael Foundation presented a solo exhibition of her work featuring an immersive video installation entitled Bearings Down. Artists Kristin Lucas, Alicia Eggert, and David Stout will also be included in Ludwig and Avram’s portion of the program. 

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