Project Description


Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL

The Elmhurst Art Museum (EAM) proudly announces IN THIS HOUSE, a group exhibition exploring domestic forms and functionality within historic Mies van der Rohe home featuring works by Michelle Grabner, Brad Killam, Paula Crown, Tony Tasset, and James Welling.

The show’s title stems from an advertisement for prefabricated housing designed by Mies, for which the McCormick House was a prototype. The 1955 brochure states “In this house, architecture and technology have combined to contribute a new dimension.” The works in the exhibition expand on this intersection and celebrate the formal languages that inhabit domestic structures. Materiality, repetition, color, and spatial order will be featured and minimally distributed throughout the volumes of the McCormick House living space.

Strategically positioned throughout the house are 100 of Crown’s delicately and accurately reproductions of red Solo Cups, recognizable items that are otherwise easily discarded. The installation of her SOLO TOGETHER sculptures take on recognizable rubrics of campus social life. Energy and intention transfer from hands to plastic and “mark” gestures in time. Their remains create a zombie space, an immortalized intersection of souls. Unconsciously, we fidget and twist straws, wring napkins and wear paths in the grass where no sidewalks exist. We express our physicality, ideas, and emotions when we carve ski tracks in pristine alpine powder, notate and caress. The essence of gesture is present even in our forgotten marks. Each personified composition shows that we exist solo and together.  

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