Project Description

Inside Space (2014)

Riverside Art Center, Riverside, IL

Curated by Anne Harris
Joanne Aono, Paula Crown, Susanne Doremus, Carrie Gundersdorf, Jin Lee, Jason Lazarus in collaboration with Molly Brandt and Robert Burnier

“I excel at staring into space. I’m really good at that.”  -Iggy Pop

The artists in this exhibition vary greatly, but all bring substance to what we usually think of as empty. Behind their selection lies a drawing idea, the notion that marks on a surface transform that surface. The stuff between marks becomes space: a container for light, air, mass, movement and imagination.

In this regard, Susanne Doremus’s gestural figures are rest stops that punctuate painted air. Jason Lazarus, who essentially hides things (here, artwork by Molly Brandt and Robert Burnier), uses concealment to unspool our imaginations. Carrie Gundersdorf’s vibrantly colored bars and bands create spectral rays zipping across paper; while Paula Crown uses MRI and digital imaging to turn extant spaces into form–from the perforated edges of her drawings to the structures inside her own skull. Joanne Aono’s pencils, held like chopsticks, tweeze the space between marks while parsing dualities between paired cultures and twin sisters; and Jin Lee’s camera measures the distance from eye level to ground, while transforming the ordinary expanse beneath her feet into contemplative tactile planes.

There’s an assumption that the meaning of art is found in ideas, or in overt subject matter—the story told, the figure depicted—that art is about things that are explicitly stated. Here, meaning is between and beneath those things, it exists as implication, within the weight of space. The meaning lies inside space. -Anne Harris