Project Description

What positive message do you want to emanate to the world today?

Paula Crown
Multimedia Installation
Dimensions Variable
Physical Installation: 73-811 El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA 92260

“In these disorienting times, how can we utilize positive and contemplative intention to affect energy in the world? By engaging with affirmative ideas, I invite the viewer to add their positive emanation as an act of unity via collective activation – solo together.” Paula Crown

In EMANARE, Crown blends the haptic and the virtual creating an interactive experience inviting each of us to collaborate with the artwork.  Emanare, the Latin word for emanate, means to flow out, to send forth, and to emit. Known for asking “What’s not wrong today?” Crown believes in the power of positive intentions and the extraordinary goodness in the world. 

What positive message do you want to emanate to the world today? Your response to this prompt will be displayed on LED screens in Palm Desert, CA for socially distant in-person viewing and online for virtual viewing globally.  Layers of messages scroll against a backdrop of morphing colors from Crown’s paintings and local skyscapes. Over time, new messages will be added, accumulating and transforming the work as each participant’s unique mark joins in unison.

Inspired by Buddhist prayer wheels, Crown further transforms remnants of the space’s retail past with subtle light activations. The mysterious intervention visually connects with the empty retail space and prompts questions about the relationship between the totemic object and the scrolling messages in the window. 

EMANARE (2021) continues Crown’s practice of inviting viewers to interact and collaborate with her work. TRANSPOSITION (2014) installed in Miami’s Design District created a community nexus around Crown’s installation centered around her 25-foot PERforation sculpture. The public was invited to engage with the site, activating the space with music, dance, yoga, and performances.  During the unveiling of her monumental sculpture, JOKESTER 2 (2018), Crown partnered with The Surfrider Miami in a social media campaign that removed 1lb of waste from Miami’s beaches for each photo visitors shared on social media. FREEZING RAIN (2018) was exhibited at the 2018 AURORA biennial in Dallas where viewers activated the work as they moved around the installation. The site-specific sculpture is developed from hand-drawn individual rain droplets processed through digital mapping software and fully realized as a 3D installation. In #IamFor (2018), Crown invites visitors to write down what they stand for on a black sports ball before dropping it into an open atrium at the center of the gallery. These visitor-created messages populate the background of a billboard Crown created with For Freedoms in 2020 as a reminder that what we value does not change with each news cycle or political administration.