Project Description


Aspen, CO

“I was thinking about how I could emphasize this message of environmental responsibility. And then it became clear. I’ve got to really make this big. I’ve got to make something that normally feels benign impossible to ignore” – Paula Crown

JOKESTER is a large-scale sculpture series by Paula Crown. Originating from her installation work — SOLO TOGETHER — JOKESTER takes Crown’s solo cup sculptures and brings it to a monumental scale.

JOKESTER serves as a reminder of consumption, waste, pollution, and re-use. The work embodies Crown’s commitment to tying her artistic practice to concrete social change – specifically, the mounting climate crisis. The signature 10-foot red sculpture acts as a stop sign, encouraging individuals to pause and examine how we shape our world, how our world shapes us, and the marks we leave behind in transient moments.

“Single-use plastics and our insatiable appetite for natural resources continue to threaten our environment, and, frankly, our existence,” says the artist. Crown asks: ”What happens to all the plastic we use only once and toss? Who cleans it up? What are the permanent traces we leave behind?” drawing attention to our position as complicit consumers who have the power to change our legacy.

JOKESTER was installed in Upper Gondola Plaza at The Little Nell in Aspen in 2018. A second iteration of JOKESTER was later installed in the Miami Design District in the same year, where it lives today. In the summer of 2020, JOKESTER traveled to Sculpture Milwaukee Biennale, where it will be on view until the end of 2021.

JOKESTER, 2018 — Upper Gondola Plaza, The Little Nell — Aspen, CO

JOKESTER, 2018 — The Little Nell, Aspen, CO; Photo credit Jordan Curet and Aspen Snowmass.

JOKESTER, 2018 — Upper Gondola Plaza, The Little Nell — Aspen, CO