Project Description

#solotogether (Messages for the City) at Times Square Arts (2020)

New York, NY

Paula Crown
#solotogether (Messages For The City), 2020
15 Seconds

Inherent in the creative arts, is the power to transcend politics, culture, and tribalism. Art in its myriad forms provides spaciousness for presence and reflection. It returns us to the potentiality of our true human essence and the importance of unity with others. 

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn reminded us in his Nobel Peace Prize lecture that “Falsehood can hold out against much in this world, but NOT art.” Artists are truth seekers. They make connections possible. 

Paula Crown is honored to participate in Times Square Arts, Poster House, Print Magazine, and For Freedoms citywide public art campaign featuring artist-designed PSAs and messages of love, gratitude, and solidarity with New York City’s health care and essential workers. During these turbulent times, we are reminded of the ways in which our solitudes can be unified. I am humbled by the acts of courage, integrity, and generosity exhibited daily by health care and essential workers. They are showing us the way—through their actions—that a better day will come. 

#solotogether (Messages For The City) explores the duality of our human existence, as soloists in an expansive orchestra, where each action affects the collective whole. During this global pandemic, we must embrace the truth. Our societal fabric is only as strong as the individual threads of which it is composed. We need to be as unflinching and clear in our understanding of how every action ripples through our interwoven ecosystem.

Our front line workers remind us in the most beautiful way that we are never alone. Solo and together we can find our way to healing the physical and psychological trauma of this novel disease. What happens between the space of isolation and togetherness is what matters.

Photography courtesy Maria Baranova