Project Description


Taken from often overlooked paper perforations left in the margin of a notebook, Crown has expanded and transformed this motif in various sizes and mediums through her PERforations series. Her focused act of looking and unique ability to be deeply present in the moment, Crown unearths the inherent beauty in a simple material that she radically transforms through medium and dimensional exploration.

Crown’s ongoing investigation of these remaining forms builds upon her relentless curiosity to continually learn, create, and expand. The PERForation sculptures memorialize the act of tearing away, or more exactly, of what remains after the mark of being torn away has been completed. Our visual senses are designed to look outward. But what can we find, if we meditate on what remains? Through looking inwards, we might locate our bearings in the complex consciousness between the intimate and sublime.

By transforming these normally utilitarian forms into elevated objects, Crown gives dimensionality to concepts of both isolation and connection. Playing with scale has allowed her to be expansive, building sculptures that range from the iconic and intimate to the architectonic. PERForation and its subsequent activations reimagine the relationship between pen, paper, and dimension.

Image caption: PERforation (-) 4.76, 2015, gilded white gold, 1 2/5 x 25 x 11/5 in., (11 x 193 x 10 cm)

PERforation (-) 1.25, 2015, gilded white gold, 1 2/5 x 25 x 11/5 in.

PERforations, 2015, in gilded white gold, iron resin, and oxidized gilded silver

PERforation (-), 2015,  white, 1 2/5 x 25 x 11/5 in.