Project Description

TRANSPOSITION: Over Many Miles (2014-16)

Miami, FL

Paula Crown’s 3,500 square-foot installation TRANSPOSITION: Over Many Miles was exhibited in Miami’s Design District from December 2014 to May 2016. 

This modular installation consisted of both vertical extrusions and a horizontal surface derived from a micro-segment of a scanned and magnified aerial drawing by the artist. The work is constructed from century-old reclaimed wood, tempered glass, synthetic turf, metal, native shells. The history of the repurposed wood revealed a new narrative through its seductive grain. 

At the center of the installation stood a 25-foot work from Crown’s PERforation series, transformed to a scale that allowed visitors to enter, sit and climb upon the work. Taken from often overlooked paper perforations left in the margin of a notebook, Crown has expanded and transformed this motif in various sizes and mediums in her PERforations series. Through the focused act of looking and a unique ability to be deeply present in the moment, Crown unearths the inherent beauty in a simple material that she radically transforms through medium and dimensional exploration. 

The interactive installation invited the public to engage with the site, and the community activated the space with music, dance, and yoga, with performances by New World Symphony and the Alma Dance Theater. These additional artistic interventions, continue the narrative and evolution of the work. That is where the true magic lies. 

The project offered Crown the opportunity to collaborate with artists, architects, and social activists. Specific collaborations included Theaster Gates Studio, Studio Gang Architects, and the Design Apprenticeship Program at the Arts Incubator at the University of Chicago, in which students were trained in carpentry as part of the fabrication process.

PERforation, the 25-foot sculptural centerpiece of Transposition

Dragon Ridge on TRANSPOSITION premiered at Art Basel Miami Beach 2015.

For Have A Ball, the Miami Design District enjoyed a family night during the evening of the Summer Solstice.

The Alma Dance Theater gave several site-specific performances.

Their costumes and choreography related directly to the geometry and landscape of the site.

Dragon Ridge literally pulled the line into the air from the original drawing. Pictured here is 1 of the 6 total sculptures.

In November 2015, 10,000 pounds of live oak leaves were shipped to the site; students from Design and Architecture Senior High School assisted with the dispersal.

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