Project Description

WALL-SPACE: The Non-Architecture of the Studio Wall (2015)

EXPO/Chicago, VIP Lounge, Chicago, IL

WALL-SPACE: The Non-Architecture of the Studio Wall
Expo Chicago 2014 

WALL-SPACE: The Non-Architecture of the Studio Wall is a collaboration between artist Paula Crown and architect Jeanne Gang. It is a small scale replica (approximately 20’ wide x 9’ high x 3’ wide) of the actual wall built in Crown’s Chicago studio, designed by Gang. Featuring images revealed during demolition, the STUDIO WALL is fabricated from the same materials that were used to construct the studio. It includes multi-media art projects by Crown that have occupied the ‘real’ wall at some point. The work recontextualizes the practices of both Crown and Gang.

WALL-SPACE  uses the language of architecture, painting, and sculpture. It refers to ‘the expanded field’ of sculpture as defined by Rosalind Krauss. Using the walls as the subject matter, viewers can experience the studio through window reveals, cavities, and voids. The manipulation of scale and materials creates new spaces of reality and illusion. Its historical references include Robert Rauschenberg’s combine painting entitled Short Circuit (1955), which features a Jasper Johns’ Flag painting by Elaine Sturtevant, Jasper Johns’ ‘studio walls’ from the early 1980’s and Joseph Cornell’s boxes.